About Us


India, the land of diverse cultures, is popular for its enormous variety of masalas (spices) which bring out the real flavour in every cuisine. Inspired by the Indian culture, Masala Country an all-day dining specialty restaurant-offers authentic and innovative cuisines from different states of India.

Traditional Recipes, Original Spices,
Experienced Chefs

Traditional Methodology

All dishes are precisely cooked using traditional methodology. However, the secret behind Masala Country's tempting food is the authentic spices. From slowly simmering curry preparations in pots to baking breads in traditional tandoors, the chefs at Masala Country adopt every possible measure to ensure that the restaurant lives up to its promise of offering the authentic Indian flavours.

Loved By Everyone

Patrons of all ages and social status visit the restaurant, be it self-employed professionals, young couples, college students and modern families who love to eat out. What's more, the lively ambience, quality service and clean surroundings make Masala Country an ultimate dining destination for everyone. Besides patrons, the brand shares great rapport with its employees, suppliers and partners. This ensures smoother business operations and mutually rewarding relationships.

Expert Culinary Team

The restaurant's strength is their expert culinary team that has the expertise to transform traditional Indian recipes into lip smacking dishes. The team endeavours to understand people's likings and opinions about cuisines in the northern India region. Based on this, they introduce newer dishes and varieties.

Tempting Menu offerings

Masala Country's a-la-carte menu offers a tempting taste of hearty north Indian cuisines, highlighted by signature dishes like Handi Biryani/Churchur Naan/ Dal Makahni. Some of the other tempting dishes.