From Street Foods to

Specialty Curries

Masala Country has all that food connoisseurs can ask for. The food is not only appealing but is also different in texture and taste. The menu consists of cuisines from different parts of India, be it exotic Kebabs, delicious Curries or tender Naans. The food’s ethnic taste, exquisite aroma and apt meal size provides absolute value for money.


Menu Offerings

Masala Country's a-la-carte menu offers a tempting taste of hearty north Indian cuisines, highlighted by signature dishes like Handi Biryani/Churchur Naan/ Dal Makahni. Some of the other tempting dishes.



Patrons of all ages and social status visit the restaurant, be it self-employed professionals, young couples, college students and modern families who love to eat out. What's more, the lively ambience, quality service and clean surroundings make Masala Country an ultimate dining destination for everyone.